Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All Balled Into One

Here we go.... First we had Easter, dyed our beautiful eggs. All 5 dozen of them!! 

 We had quite a few casualties, but it made for a very colorful egg salad and yummy tuna fish sandwiches

 Then it was time to find all those pretty eggs.
 Some didn't make it to the basket, Tank was on the hunt too! He loves eggs.

 What is Easter without chicky's?!

 Then it was my birthday!! We went and stayed up in Park City at a resort called St. Regis. NICEST place I have ever stayed. It was so fun and relaxing.

Our good friend Lisa made me her famous strawberry cake. It was fabulous!!! 

 Then we had Jameson's "Goin' Buggy" program at school. He played the congressman

 After that it was Chanel's Kindergarten program! I got really crappy seats which explains the really crappy pictures.

 Then the Pinewood Derby races!!! That didn't go so well. Jameson needs a little work on his sportsmanship.

 After that, another field trip!! To Thanksgiving Point where we got to see all the baby animals!!

 Took a ride on the ponies.

 And ANOTHER field trip to KSL studios. We explored the news stations, recording studios and learned about the radio stations.

 Then it was our girls birthdays!!! Chanel turned 6 and Rori Ana turned 4!! Where has time gone?

 The pinata was struggling this year, it never did make it all the way to the end. Even after JR and Rory tried to "fix" it.

 The girls had the most beautiful cake in the whole world!! If their birthday cakes look like this now, I can only imagine their wedding cakes.

This is a really bad picture, but you get the idea. Chanel is such a little homemaker! I don't know where she got it, because I can assure you it wasn't from me!
Grandma made the girls these adorable skirts, that must be where Chanel gets it. 
 Then we had "vehicle days" at the school.
 I took it upon myself to sign Rory up to show them his "BEAST"
 Ava Lyn is actually much smaller than the tires, it doesn't look like it here but she really is.
 Rori Ana had her school program. They sang all the songs they have been learning and all the letters, colors and shapes. Of course Rori just sat there and didn't budge. I didn't get to see her sing not one word.
 She gets stage fright.
 After that it was time for some relaxation. I took the girls and their friends out  for some fun...
 Who doesn't love getting their nails painted?!

 You may remember some time ago I told you about the Guinea Pigs we bought the girls? When we bought them we asked the person selling them if they were sure on the sex of the guinea pigs. He assured us we were getting 2 males, there would be no reproducing. We took them home and we even YouTube'd it to see if we got 2 males. It looked to us like they were. So when we woke up to these little piggies you can imagine the surprise we had!!
 Turns out Prince Naveen and Mr. Frog are actually Prince and MRS. Frog.
 All those babies came just after we brought home this little fur ball. Meet Tinkerbell, she was found stuck under a fence by some lady who posted an ad for someone to come get her. I had been thinking about a cat for some time. Actually, I promised my girls I would get them one years ago and just now decided it would be okay to bring one home. She is a bundle of claws, meows, fur and energy! She has no fear of anything and she thinks she is the size of a tiger! So far she is handling the constant kisses, dress up and tea parties quite well. She is showered with affection and even Rory (who never really liked cats) is in love with her. He can't help but laugh at her when she is bouncing all over the house and climbing up his legs for his affection.

 A couple of days ago we were visiting Nana. I went outside to find Chanel standing on my mom's big garbage cans. I yelled for her to get off and just as she was saying "But, MOOOOMMMM!! It's FUUUNNNNN!!!", she fell off and landed face first into a trailer hitch. I was expecting the worst when I went running over there but all I found was half a little itty bitty tooth missing. Thank God!! So off to the dentist we went. He pulled what was left of her little tooth and yanked the one she knocked loose out too. The tooth fairy was a busy girl that night because Jameson had written a note explaining what had happened and apologizing for telling his sister to follow along in his shenanigans. The tooth fairy wrote back in the tiniest handwriting I have ever seen and told him to take care of his little sister and to be smart. She accepted his apology and then gave Chanel her money and was on her way.

Remember those Chicks I told you about. The little ones we got for Easter? Well, meet my girls... 
 Oprah is on the far left, Mabel is the in the far back on the left with the white tail feathers (she is my favorite), then there is Edna (second one in, on the right) and then Hazel (far right). They each have their own funny personalities (YES, chickens have personality!! And they are pretty smart too!!) They all do a "happy chicken dance" when I go out to see them and very soon they will all be feeding us fresh, all organic eggs. I love my girls!

So that is it so far. Lot's going on here in the Royce home and lots to look forward to. This is what I live for, the warm sunny days spent outside with all of my animals, tending to my yard, boating, traveling, playing and seeing new things and different places with my favorite people. I love summer!!!